Bad Credit Car Loans Melbourne

Dreaming for a luxury lifestyle is everyone's right, but sometimes our financial position doesn't allow us for these facilities. So people look up for some financial assistance in terms of loans. You can't do something purposeful like owing a new or used car with a bad credit history or credit defaults. To take care of such situations offer assistance with bad credit car loans

Car loans are specially designed for people who can't manage car finance and are rejected by banks or financial institutions due to poor credit history. We can help with such loans in most scenarios.

Why choose us as your Bad Credit Car loan Broker?

Even if a lenders agrees to issue a loan for bad credit, you can expect to pay higher fees and interest rates. That's where our specialist broker is going to help find the best suitable product for you.


Our team works in a quick and efficient manner to meet the lending criteria effortlessly. We try to approve loans from lenders for your new cars shortly.

No extra charges

You don't need to pay hidden fees or charges if you want to pay back the loan amount early. Moreover, we provide you assistance on establishment fees and no early repayment fees.

Safe and secure

We work in a trustworthy environment and don't share your financial details mentioned on the credit file with others. We secure finance for bad credit car loans competently.

24/7 Availability

For customer satisfaction, we provide them 24/7 availability. Even after the car loan settlement, we will always be there for you whenever you need any assistance.

Experienced and knowledgeable

Our experienced team show its expertise and manage the deficiencies like bad credit score, unpaid defaults and poor bank statements in loan application.

Bad Credit Car Loans Melbourne
Our process

You may be wondering, 'Is Car loan broker Melbourne for me?'

STEP 1Start with discussion

If you are wondering for the best services Australia-wide, contact us via phone call or e-mail. In this phase, our bad credit car finance broker in melbroune collects general information about your loan.

STEP 2Look at the possibilities

After gathering all info, we look at all the possible scenarios to get the desired car finance. We will review all your documents against our Lenders eligibility criteria to find the best product.

STEP 3Find Suitable Product

Once we are done with all checks, our team will proceeds to present you the products. Our team analyzes your credit history and ready the application as per your preferences.

STEP 4Finalize the Settlements

Once you sign the application form, we finalize the settlements with banks or lenders for a loan. After the deal, If you face any kind of loan hassles within the contract, our brokers will always be there for you.

STEP 5Reach out us

Feel free to reach out to us for exclusive services. We believe in making a strong, trustworthy relationship with our clients by providing them honest and super strategic ways.

Our services
Bad Credit Car Loans Melbourne

We're just a few steps away from you, check the offers provided by us to get a Car loan.
Suitable Repayment method
Car loan repayments play a vital role in your credit history. We decide the convenient repayment method for our client. Weekly repayments are more affordable than monthly repayments but they extend the loan time. However, we decide the method as per your preference.
Improves credit rating
Don't worry if you have a bad credit rating, our team works rigorously to make all the improvements. Our team members let you get the best loan deals by providing quick responses to the lenders and make the dream of your new car true.
Free evaluation
We give free finance assessments to your credit report by keeping in view the credit reporting agency rules. We assist you in establishing a good credit rating to take a hit. We value your privacy and take permission before doing a free credit check.
Fast loan pre-approval
You can have your loan approved for the first time with our unique application process. We analyze your personal loans, interest rates details and assemble the paperwork right according to loan terms. This will leave no doubt in application approval.
Appropriate interest rate
Your interest rate depends upon employment history, residential history, loan amount, and the car you want to buy. Our team tends to figure out the appropriate interest rate that meets your preferences well. So don't think of a bad credit car loan much, when we offer you the best interest rate.


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    FAQs - Bad Credit Car Loans

    How can I get a car with no money?

    Getting a car with no money is not a big issue in this era. You can avail the best car loan services according to your budget and the car which you want to buy. Our team is here for you to assist you with all the legal information and documentation. We will find the best deal for you and do all the paperwork on your behalf.

    What is the lowest interest rate for a car loan in Australia?

    The lowest interest rate for a loan depends upon the car you want to buy and its conditions. we analyze all the information in detail and assist you to find several low-interest deals and fee waivers according to your requirement.

    What is better to buy a loan for a car, directly from a lender or by a broker?

    One of the advantages of going through brokers is they provide you all the information about all lenders and assist you to find the best deal that serves best to your requirements. Moreover, when you are going through brokers you can compare the prices and interest rate of different lenders and choose the deal which meets all your criteria. On the other hand, if you are directly going through lenders, you cannot compare the interest rate and have limited options.

    Why are new car loans easier than old ones?

    The new car value can be estimated accurately, so it is easy to proceed with their loans and you don’t have to go through the valuation process of the car. However, for old cars, it isn’t easy to evaluate the prices as it depends upon the condition of the car.

    The Best Mortgage Broker Melbourne will assist you to use your super in a strategic way and provide you the advantage to maximize your benefit.