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13.7 million people in Australia have credit cards with varying scores. A significant group of people, mainly 21% of credit cards holders, are below the Equifax score, i.e. 550. Thus, the bad credit score results in missing the eligibility criteria to get loan options.

Major banks and usually many lenders don't consider people with credit defaults with late payments. However, no need to worry if you are a non-conforming lender. You can cooperate with us and file loan applications even for the defaulters. That's how the undergoing defaulters manage to borrow home loans for good reasons.

What’s in for you?

You're getting a premium quality assurance with our trusty mortgage brokers. Following are the benefits,
  • The bad credit mortgage broker will maintain the stamp duty with mortgage insurance as well
  • You don’t have to worry about any upfront payment until you get the filling procedure done with bad credit home loan assurance
  • The LVR of your property value will be considered here even if you have late or missed payments
  • You’ll be accommodated according to your financial situation with unique circumstances
  • Our interest rates are very reasonable for the bad credit mortgages
  • The ix debt agreement in your credit file history in Melbourne is quite appreciable for the non bank lenders
  •  Missed payments, mortgage arrears, unpaid defaults, and credit rating will be less considered, unlike the Australian credit license rule
  • After connecting with the non conforming lender through the mortgage broker Melbourne, you’ll get the home loan with a bearable interest rate
  • Only legal fees will be required with the liability position given by the personal information
  • Bad credit home loans are easier to applicable in case there are some paid defaults
  • Pepper money facilities, including personal loans, bad credit home loans, and other non conforming loans, are applicable for bad credit history client. We offer services like First Home Buyer Loan Broker Melbourne & Refinance Mortgage Broker, contact us today to get started.


Simran Singh

Loan Specialist

Jessie Chauhan

Home Loan Specialist

    Why Should you Work
    With Our Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Melbourne

    Even if any bad credit mortgage lenders agree to issue a home loan to defaulters, you are going to face higher fees and interest rates normally. That's where our specialist broker is going to cooperate.

    A thorough inspection of credit history

    Our mortgage brokers in Melbourne thoroughly examine the credit history of the person applying for the loan. After that, some fundamental aspects get solved. These points can be unpaid electrical bills, some debts in history, and black marks on the credit score as well.

    Debt Consolidation preferences

    The interest rate for unpaid defaults usually is high; however, debt consolidation will mainly help make the application near good credit. Also, the borrowed money will be reduced by this working criterion of our bad credit mortgages broker.

    Loan suitability criteria

    While considering the debt-to-income ratio, a mortgage broker will relevantly adjust your bad credit history and credit report to make a suitable criterion for bad credit home loans

    Property value

    Unlike multiple banks who will surely drop your property's value, our mortgage brokers understand the financial position of clients. Therefore, you'll get the best possible LVR (Loan to value ratio) from here.

    Strategical performance

    The bad credit report will get positive enhancement with professional advice and strategies. Resulting in approval of a personal loan with a lower interest rate.

    Why Choose Us With
    As Your Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Melbourne

    Which bank should I trust to get my loan?

    The answer to this question can be far more important to your final success than even the popular loan question: “What is going to help me choose best loan for my purchase?”

    STEP 1Certified Mortgage Broker

    Our bad credit mortgage brokers are highly qualified in the business and loan management field. They pursue beneficial credit inquiries to make your credit score better maximumly. Thus, they make bad credit home loans easier with the collaboration of lending specialists.

    STEP 2Easy processing

    Normally, major lenders neglect the form applications of people with poor credit history. While the application process here is quite supportive for every client with a proper credit file study.

    STEP 3Home loan for everybody

    Our mortgage broker will consider each client on a case-by-case basis with utter support and will connect you with specialist lenders. In that case, the non-conforming home loan is also possible if the client cooperates with the guidelines of that specialist lender.

    STEP 4Multi-purposes

    The bad credit mortgage broker here works on multiple challenges to sort out the problems of clients.

    Quick Steps To Get A Loan
    If You Have A Bad Credit

    We're just a few steps away from you, follow the given guidelines to get a bad credit loan,
    Fill & Apply
    Apply online by filling the form, including your credit problems and the type of loan you're interested in.
    Special Lender selection
    Then the bad credit mortgage broker will then find the specialist lenders who will treat borrowers with equal respect.
    Approval of application
    Our handlers will deeply examine your application, and then you'll get the approval for a deep brief (arrangements are discussable).
    Lots of suitable options
    After that, you'll get the best possible loan solution along with the bad credit home loan as well.


    Simran Singh

    Loan Specialist

    Jessie Chauhan

    Home Loan Specialist

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      FAQ's - Bad Credit Mortgage Broker Melbourne

      The credit rating is usually calculated as a whole and cannot be attributed to a couple of factors. There’s a streak of information which would lead towards your credit score. A history of defaults and missed payments can affect your credit rating. Previously declined credit applications ca reduce your credit score.

      What factors contribute to a low credit score?

      The credit rating is usually calculated as a whole and cannot be attributed to a couple of factors. There’s a streak of information which would lead towards your credit score. A history of defaults and missed payments can affect your credit rating. Previously declined credit applications ca reduce your credit score.

      How can a Mortage broker help with this?

      A mortgage broker knows lenders who are sympathetic towards people with a low or poor credit score. Their good relationship with those lenders enable them to help you secure a loan, just when you’d given up all the expectation of getting one.

      For people who have a poor credit score it is relatively essential that the loan to value ratio is relatively small because the less amount you need to borrow the more are your odds of securing a mortgage.

      All in all the creditor wants to check whether you’d be able to pay off the loan in time. However this may vary from lender to lender and that’s precisely why you want to use a mortgage agent to help you secure a mortgage especially if you’ve got a poor credit score.

      What are Benefits of speaking to some bad credit mortgage agent?

      They can connect you to specialist lenders who are more willing to take care of borrowers on a case-by-case foundation. They can make sure that you don’t have more charge enquiries pile up on your credit file. There is a chance you will make your credit history worse when you talk directly to a lender. They know which lenders must be approached for the needs of every borrower.

      They have a deep and comprehensive understanding of solutions especially tailored for borrowers that don’t fit the traditional creditor’s criteria.
      Furthermore, they’re qualified and experienced in structuring and advising on the most acceptable mortgage financing for your specific situation and needs.

      The Mortgage Broker Melbourne will assist you to use your super in a strategic way and provide you the advantage to maximize your benefit. They can help you repair your credit file so you may be qualified for a home loan. You can also call us if you need information about Indian mortgage broker.