6 Steps of Buying a House

Home buying Steps

1. Orientate

Before you buy a house, it is important to orient yourself properly. What is the maximum amount you can and do you want to borrow, what will be your monthly costs, will you go for an existing home or a new-build home? A mortgage advisor can help you answer these and all your other questions. The orientation meeting is without obligation and free of charge.

2. House hunting

When you know what your budget is and what your housing wishes are, it is time to go house hunting. You can do that on your own, but you can also hire a purchase agent. Real estate agents have a lot of experience and knowledge of the situation on the housing market. They can help you find a suitable home and make a solid offer. View multiple houses to find out what you think is important about a future home. For example, the environment, the number of square meters or a ready-to-live-in home.

3. Negotiating your dream home

Have you found your dream home? Then it is time to make an offer! Do not bid the maximum amount you want to pay, so there is still room to negotiate. Such a negotiation is very exciting, especially if it is your first time. That is why we have listed five useful tips for you.

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4. Arrange your mortgage

Has your offer been accepted? Congratulations! A purchase contract is drawn up by the sales broker. After signing this contract, you have few days to consider before the contract is binding. It is now also time to start arranging your mortgage. During an appointment with your mortgage advisor, you discuss all important points. For example: which mortgage lender best suits your situation and wishes, how long do you want to fix the mortgage interest and what happens in the event of disability and death? After the conversation with your adviser, you will start collecting and supplying all documents required for the mortgage application.

5. Sign the mortgage offer

Your mortgage advisor writes an advisory report and starts applying for your mortgage. When the mortgage lender agrees to all documents, you receive the mortgage offer: the binding offer. After signing the offer, you can start counting down to the day of your mortgage. You can give us a call if you need any help regarding Home loan experts.

6. Settlement

Put the champagne cold: On the day of settlement, your conveyancer will make sure all accounts are settles, the seller is paid, any outstanding council and other liabilities are also settled  and after that the house is officially yours and you can move in.

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