Hire a broker: Is it smart?

Many home buyers use a buying agent. When you buy a house, it is nice to get help from someone with a lot of expertise and experience in this field. However, it is not mandatory to hire a broker. What exactly does such a broker do, besides finding suitable homes and negotiating the asking price? Is it smart to get the help of a real estate agent if you want to buy a house?
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This is what a Real Estate Agent does

When you hire a real estate agent for the purchase of a house, he or she will look for properties that fit your needs. Together with your estate agent, you will then view homes. An experienced real estate agent knows of course what to look for during such a viewing. He will bombard the seller with critical questions about the condition of the house and will be able to make a good estimate of the value of the house.

Negotiating the price by the broker

Once you have found a house that meets your requirements, the real estate agent can negotiate the asking price. When both parties agree on the price, your real estate agent can check the deed of sale drawn up by the sales agent. In the absence of a sales agent, the buying agent can also draw up a deed of sale. Furthermore, the broker will guide you during the transfer of the home.

Mortgage advice through your broker

Several real estate agencies offer the opportunity to arrange an appointment with a mortgage adviser. It is rare that a broker is also a mortgage advisor. The ultimate goal of a mortgage advice is to take out a mortgage that suits your personal situation. Good and independent mortgage advice is very important. After all, you are stuck with mortgage debt for decades. 

What does a broker cost?

In Australia, Mortgage brokers get paid by the banks and there is normally no cost to the customers taking out loans. Of course, make sure that you put everything on paper, so that there are no ambiguities about this.

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