Mortgage Advice during the corona Crisis

What is it like to work as a mortgage advisor during the corona crisis? An interview with Jessie Chauhan, co-owner of  Best Mortgage Broker Melbourne .

Mortgage advise during corona

How do you organize your work at your company during the corona crisis?

I haven’t been in the office since March 15. We have a team of six people: two advisers and four assistants. We regularly have telephone contact and we consult via video calling.

And how do you like working from home?

Working from home is fantastic. Customers, employees and mortgage lenders are flexible. We have incredible confidence in our people. If things go wrong, we will come up with enough other options and possibilities together. We just go for it!

Are there also things that you don’t like?

Not talking to your customers face-to-face feels different. I mainly have telephone contact. My colleagues do a lot of video calling. I also notice that some mortgage lenders are a bit more cautious and therefore have stricter conditions. This means that customers have to provide more documentation.

Do you notice that the housing market is changing due to the situation?

Not really. It is very crazy, but everything just goes on. We are running well. Homes are still sold for the asking price or more. Some customers find it exciting, but most you don’t hear about it. There is still a housing shortage and people want to move, renovate, make sustainable or transfer. So there are plenty of options.

How do you envision the future?

I think everyone will start working at home more than they used to. That is fine in our field. You can go through the entire advisory process without physical contact. The customer who wants to come to the office is very welcome, but we can also provide advice to the customer who likes to stay at home. 

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