The 5 steps to a sustainable home

sustainable home

Sustainability is an increasingly important theme in the housing market. Sustainability is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. That is why we take 5 steps in a row on the way to your own sustainable home.

Step 1: Optimal Insulation

Without really good insulation, your home can never be completely future-proof. Double glazing and simple roof insulation are no longer sufficient. Go for triple glass, HR ++ and roof and floor insulation of at least 13 centimeters. Then you deal much more efficiently with the energy you use.

Step 2: connection to a heating network

Some cities have district heating that you can be connected to. This gives you hot water in a sustainable way. But you can also connect your home to a heating network in your own neighborhood. Then a large heat pump provides hot water.

Step 3: From Gas cooking to Induction

If we want to say goodbye to gas in our home, induction cooking is a good alternative. With this you switch from gas to electricity.

Step 4: Smart Grid for a Good Energy Balance

Generating electricity yourself is quite successful nowadays, especially through solar panels. And thanks to smart grids, we can also store the generated energy locally for later use. Although this form of storage is still in full development, you can already store power in the battery of an electric car. When you need the energy, you can then drain it again.

Step 5: The Costs of Sustainability

Making your home sustainable will yield money in the long term through energy savings. But it does require an investment to live in a more sustainable and natural gas-free way. The costs depend on your wishes and how well insulated your home is. The government also makes a contribution with, for example, energy savings loans and subsidies on heat pumps. Read more about government subsidies .

Borrow More for Sustainability

If you want to make energy-saving provisions in your home, you can often take out a higher mortgage for this. Our advisors are happy to guide you in this process.  Please contact us via email or call us on the given number on our website, we will be delighted to provide you more information and assist you to fulfill your dream of a sustainable house.

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