Three Alternatives For Saving

Now that savings rates have almost reached zero, many people are looking for an alternative to saving. We give you three tips.

Three alternatives for saving

1. Paying extra on your mortgage

It can be wise to use your savings to pay off extra on your mortgage. This way you save on your monthly housing costs and you may be more mortgage-free. It is also possible that you end up in a lower risk class, as a result of which your interest surcharge decreases or expires.

With many mortgage lenders you can repay a certain percentage, for example ten percent, per year. In addition, additional repayments are more interesting for certain mortgage types than for others. For a bank savings mortgage , for example, it is more complicated. So get well informed before you decide to repay extra.

2. Make your home more sustainable

You can make your home more sustainable in various ways, for example by insulating or purchasing solar panels and / or an HR boiler . By investing in sustainability, you are not only doing good for the environment, but you are also saving on your energy costs. In addition, a better energy label on your home increases value.

You can develop an online sustainability scan that allows you to calculate how much you can save with various energy-saving facilities within a few minutes.

3. Give money to your children

Every year you can donate a certain amount tax-free to your children. If your child is between 18 and 40 years old, you can donate a one-time amount up , provided that the amount is used for the purchase or improvement of a house. This way you can help your children buy a house on the current difficult starter market, or for example contribute to a renovation.

The Mortgage Broker Melbourne will assist you to use your super in a strategic way and provide you the advantage to maximise your benefit.

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