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Make a dream of building own home true with us

Are you planning to renovate your existing property or want to build a dream home? But your financial situation doesn't allow you? Then don't be upset when the team of the best mortgage broker is in town to provide you the optimal construction home loans.

It's easy to handle all the major renovations and construction project alone. But when you decided to take construction home loans it becomes quite tough for you. You have to deal with loan repayments, credit approval, and lending policies all alone. So why put yourself in this tedious process when we are here to serve you in a practical way.

Getting the services of our business loan broker will grow your business efficiently. We ensure a smooth loan period by managing the legal issues, paperwork, and loan hassles. So give us a chance to assist you before it's too late.

Why choose us?
Mortgage Broker

Even if any bad credit mortgage lenders agree to issue a home loan to defaulters, you are going to face higher fees and interest rates normally. That's where our specialist broker is going to cooperate.

Quick and Efficient

As you signed up for the building contract and contact us for construction loans, our team approaches the team of moneylenders immediately. We pick up the best lender and loan balance for you.

Trustworthy Environment

Work with us in a safe and secure environment as we keep your payments and property details private. Moreover, our team favors your interest rates and doesn't let lenders charge high.

24/7 availability

Whenever you call or reach out to us for help from owner builder construction loan, our team never disappoints you. We try to arrange a satisfying loan amount for you within the given time slots.

Reliable contract

Before applying for a construction loan, we made council-approved plans and a fixed price contract with our clients. So that you don't go through any trouble during your building contract.

Experienced brokers

Our team of experienced brokers made the building process and final payment matters simple for you. You don't need to think about how land and construction loans work when we are here to guide you.

Construction Loan Broker Melbourne
Our procedure

You may be wondering, 'Is Home Loan Broker Melbourne is right for me?'

step 1Make a call

Contract with our honest commercial loan broker via phone call or visit our office. In this phase we collect basic information about your new property construction. Then you are handover to the team of best brokers.

step 2Collect construction details

Our Australian credit license broker collects all details of construction from placing concrete slab to fixing electric items in your home. They made amendments if they found anything disturbing and guide you in the best possible way.

step 3Create a plan

Once we are done with all the building works details, our team sits together and figures out a premium plan for you. In a plan, we mention how much lenders charge interest on loans and what are the lender's conditions for giving loan.

step 4Arrange a meeting

After organizing a plan, we discuss the whole information contained in a proposal with you as per your availability. We offer online zoom meetings and physical appointments to finalize the settlements with you.

step 5Reach out us

Give us a chance to assist you in a proficient and strategic way. We will be happy to help you through the minefield of construction financing and building loans.

Our incredible services
Construction Loan Mortgage Broker

We're just a few steps away from you, check the offers provided by us to get a Home loan.
Flexible Conditions
The process of paying the payments is nerve-wracking but we make these terms flexible for our clients. You made progress payments only on the times when you are ready. Moreover, we offer you an option of interest only payments during the construction period.
Process Professionally
For a standard home loan, there is paperwork work that is necessary for the loan approval from the bank. Our team handles all hassles including lender's mortgage insurance, fees, and charges. This will help you to work with the progress payment structure better.
Negotiate circumstances
The right lender is exactly what you want while completing major renovations of your existing home. We negotiate on your behalf with different lenders and get you the right loan that meets your paying interest rates because the client's need is our first priority.
Wide lender choice
Our team members have regular contact with a wide variety of lender to make your home loan rates worthwhile for you. We keep in view your all building plans and choose the lender that offers you the best loan according to your demand.
Pay attention to details
Paying Attention to the details while making a dream home becomes daunting for many builders. Our team keeps a hawked eye on details like money transfer or interest only loan. We keep you up to date on all facts when you are busy constructing an investment property.


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