Low Doc Loans Melbourne

Are you working as a freelancer (self-employed) and don't have the full documentation to get a home loan? That's not a problem anymore because we are offering low doc loans with manageable interest rates. Our company's mortgage brokers have multiple home loan lenders with flexible policies.

Furtherly, you don't have to worry about the financial documentation anymore with tons of inquiries. Our credit provider knows the global financial crisis of small business owners, and they are willing to support them. Low doc mortgage will, of course, require documentation, but it's way better for self employed people.

Benefits for you:

We offer many additional benefits along with the low doc home loans to make the process smooth and supportive for the self employed borrowers. Following are some advantages you'll get from us,
  • You can get the low doc loan without a large credit file reports and bank history; alt doc will help you out in that.
  • The recent activity bank statement of the client can be included in the alt doc home loans for the low documentation.
  • Our company Best Mortgage Broker Melbourne has connections with most lenders; thus, the loan application for a low doc loan will get approved through the lending specialist criteria.
  • The borrower can also get the low doc home loan with variable and fixed rates along with discussable upfronts.
  • Our mortgage broker in Melbourne will discuss on the tax returns to maintain your proof of income for the low documentation home loan.
  • To afford repayments, the client can neglect the risk fee and plan a flexible low doc loans criterion.
  • As compared with full doc loan, business activity statements will be possibly minimized for the self-employed people.
  • Your accountant can also clarify your financial position with a letter, and it will help to make your low doc loan case stronger.
  • Alt doc loans are applied with the registered name of clients ABN number from the financial institutions.
  • We offer services like Bad Credit Loans Australia & Mobile Mortgage Broker Melbourne, contact us today to get started.


Simran Singh

Loan Specialist

Jessie Chauhan

Home Loan Specialist

    How do we work?
    Low Doc Loans Melbourne

    All Australian institutional investors work from their own perspective, while our company mainly focuses on the client's flexibility. Here are some main aspects that will define our working criteria,

    Minimal documentation

    There are several financial statements requires in the home loans fulfillment. The Australian credit licence can even deescalate the impact of home loans. Our mortgage brokers will adjust alternative documentation criteria for self employed borrowers without focusing on business bank statements. Low doc loan features financial records, but the only difference is policies of lending criteria.

    Quick service

    The low doc borrowers can ping our service brokers anytime, according to their availability. The service broker will also discuss your credit history, property value, and mortgage insurance. Alt doc home loans will then make things flexible for you, even for the tax returns and investment income

    Manageable rates

    Usual companies will firstly increase the interest rate for the low doc home loans. However, our rates are discussable to support the financial position of the self employed borrowers. Even if you get fixed rates, the loan repayments for the low doc mortgages and investment property are quite appropriate here.

    Flexible requirements

    You can get an investment loan and home loan with our supportive low doc loans offer. The involvement of GST registration details will play a big role in your low doc home loan approval. Moreover, the low doc loan option will also maintain the tax returns to build a good credit history.

    Lots of loan options

    TAs compared with a full doc home loan, you'll get several options here to submit the loan application. For self employed, we offer low doc loans with manageable interest rate. The self employed person will not have to give proof of income; however, self verification will be required. Our non bank lenders also facilitate the clients to present their business activity statements in the alt doc way.

    How To Get Low Doc Loans Melbourne?
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    Follow these given steps to get the low doc home loan,
    Online form filling
    The borrower can simply check the home loans options along with a low doc facility. Plus, the client should write all the credit and business details in the application.
    Finalization of loan
    The lenders will ask for some alternative documentation criteria, which we've already mentioned. Simply manage the files and get your home loan in no time.
    Approval duration
    Our company's broker will examine and get the best suitable lender for your low doc home loan case. Everything will be discussable according to your schedules.


    Simran Singh

    Loan Specialist

    Jessie Chauhan

    Home Loan Specialist

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